Celebrate the special day in your child’s / grandchild’s life and capture their memorable time with their communion photo shoot recording their first step in their religious journey.


Get in touch to secure your 2019 dates in the diary.


The main dates for communions in Ireland are May to June and these dates can get quite busy. You’ve spent a lot of time planning the day, make sure you record it with a communion photo shoot.

There is also the option to take the communion photo on the days leading up, or following the big day, taking a bit of pressure off.


We will have a few of the key communion photo’s processed for you that evening so you can share with family and friends online.

We’ll schedule a full review of your processed and retouched communion photo’s at your home so you can relive the special day in a relaxed setting.


There are digital only and digital with print and framed options available for you to choose from, most importantly the choice is yours.


Below you can see a gallery of some past commissions.


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